Free Range Eggs - NZ * - Sunset Farms*

Free Range Eggs - NZ * - Sunset Farms*
$79.00 per 660.00. grams
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    Free Range Eggs - NZ * - Sunset Farms*

    NZ Sunset Farms Free Range Eggs - 1 dozen

    Sunset Free Range Farms is one of New Zealand's leading free range egg and poultry companies, supplying both Foodstuffs and Progressive supermarkets as well as numerous cafes, butchers, dairies and fruit & vegetable shops.

    All of our eggs are laid by hens that REALLY are free range - meaning they have access to fresh grass 24/7 if they want to.

    Our small family business is built around the premise of animal welfare. We don't have any involvement in cage or barn farming and are therefore 100% free range - one of only a handful of companies in New Zealand that can say that.

    Our free range egg farms are focused on animal welfare and are inspected by noted local vet Dr Matt Avery to ensure the birds have good shelter, fresh food, water and that they are not over crowded. All of our farms consist of small flocks up to around 1500 per flock. The relationship between the birds and farmer is hands on. We avoid industrial-sized factory farms with conveyor belts etc.