ES Laundry Liquid Concentrated 1lt*

ES Laundry Liquid Concentrated 1lt*
$119.00 per 1000.00. grams
Item # 9420015000139
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    ES Laundry Liquid Concentrated 1lt*

    OurEucalyptus ultra concentrate laundry liquid is a gentle formulation for all householdwashing, suitable for use in both front and top loading washing machines.  

    Theproduct contains plant based as well as certified organic eucalyptus oil, forextra cleaning power and a fresh, clean fragrance.

    Like our laundry powder, ecostore laundry liquid is super gentle on sensitive skin,on the earth and on our waterways.


    �safe for septic tanks and grey water systems

    �proven results in cold and warm water

    �suitable for delicate fabrics