ES Laundry Powder 1 kg*

ES Laundry Powder 1 kg*
$99.00 per 1000.00. grams
Item # 9420015000023
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    ES Laundry Powder 1 kg*

    A high performance laundry product made from simple mineral salts and plant based ingredients, with a lemon scent

    The natural ingredients make it a safer, healthier alternative to synthetic,chemically laden laundry products, the residues of which can remain in your clothes, underwear, sheets, towels � in other words � up against your skin 24 hours a day. 

    It is not only gentle on skin, but also the earth and our waterways. It contains NO enzymes, optical brighteners, phosphates or other potentially harmful chemicals.


       suitablefor top and front loading washing machines

        safe for septic tanks and grey water systems

         proven results in cold and warm water