Natures Cuppa O. Green Tea - 30 pcs*

Natures Cuppa O. Green Tea - 30 pcs*
$45.00 per 54.00. grams
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    Natures Cuppa O. Green Tea - 30 pcs*

    30 individual bags per box

    Nature’s Cuppa high grown, hand picked leaves are harvested exclusively from our own, organically certified, estates in Sri Lanka. That’s the secret of its delicious, full strength flavour and aroma.

    A clean, delicate flavour you will really enjoy, it’s soft and mild with no “grassy” taste sometimes found in other green teas. This delicious organic tea is unfermented, the leaves gently steamed to produce a tea rich in antioxidants and other healthy benefits.


    GM free, organic green tea in unbleached paper tea bags.