Paul's Quinoa Precooked*

Paul's Quinoa Precooked*
$79.00 per 200.00. grams
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    Paul's Quinoa Precooked*

    Paul's Pre-cooked Quinoa is a dry product which has previously been boiled for 10 minutes and it therefore needs only another 3 minutes of cooking time! It is a fantastic base for a quick and healthy main course, salad or breakfast. Get your day off to a good start with Quinoa and fruit: pre-cooked Quinoa with fresh seasonal fruit, a teaspoon of honey and fresh mint.

    Quinoa is considered to be a ‘superfood’, due to its extremely high nutritional values.

    100% organic

    Gluten free

    A good source of high-quality protein

    A good source of dietary fibre

    High in polyunsaturated fats

    A good source of vitamins and minerals

    Low glycemic