Frozen Lilydale Chicken Tenderloins - Aus

Frozen Lilydale Chicken Tenderloins - Aus
$156.00 per 600.00. grams
Item # 8505
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    Frozen Lilydale Chicken Tenderloins - Aus

    New Page 1p>Chilled Lilydale Chicken Tenderloins - Skinless, Boneless   

    Free Range - No Growth Hormones - No Antibiotics - No GMO Feed

    Lilydale aims to exceed the standards set by FREPA, providing the most comfortable living conditions for its chickens to ensure both a premium and ethically sound product. No pesticides are permitted to be used on the grounds where the chickens roam. Lilydale chickens are only fed ingredients from suppliers who undertake to supply non-genetically modified feed.

    Buy by the pack - Approximately 600 gm per pack. We will invoice you on actual weight @$26.00 per 100 gm including soaker pad

    Certified Halal