Aus Organic Tenderloin - Whole

Aus Organic Tenderloin - Whole
$1,160.00 per 2000.00. grams
Item # 4103
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    Aus Organic Tenderloin - Whole

    Certified Organic Beef Tenderloin (Whole) - Arcadian Organics Australia

    Grass Fed / Natural / Hormone Free

    Certified Halal / Certified Organic

    To order one whole tenderloin - place '1' in the box.

    (Sold in the original packing as a whole piece - not to be cut or portioned. If you want tenderloin as steaks or packed in smaller portions please see 'Aus Organic Tenderloin -Steaks) 

    MSA Certified /100% Grass Fed / Natural / HormoneFree / Antibiotic Free / Certified Organic / Certified Halal