Aus Organic Sirloin

Aus Organic Sirloin
$32.00 per 100.00. grams
Item # 4100
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    Aus Organic Sirloin

    Certified Organic Beef Sirloin (Striploin) - Arcadian Organics Australia

    By default these are cut into steaks. You must tell us if you want it left as one piece.

    Australian Grass Fed Sirloin beef. Sirloin is cut from boned loin. It is tender, fine, close grained meat with exterior fat along one side. A line of gristle lies under the fat layer. Not quite as succulent as rib eye but an excellent grilling steak. Sirloin can be roasted at high or low temperatures, grilled or panfried. To avoid confusion we have added Porterhouse to the name as this is what the steak is known as in most Commonwealth countries. In the U.S., this is a NY strip.

    MSA Certified / Grass Fed / Natural / Hormone Free / Antibiotic Free / Certified Organic / Certified Halal