1_Vegetable Guide

1_Vegetable Guide
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    1_Vegetable Guide

    Vegetable Guide

    As we continue to expand the list of fruit and vegetable products a number of caveats must be added regarding the ordering, delivery and storage of these products.

    1. Please ensure you check the fruit and vegetables with the person delivering. We check each piece individually before packing them at our end however we accept that bruising or damage can occur during transit. We try our best to minimize this by packing and transporting fruit and veg separately from other goods. Given the perishable and delicate nature of fresh fruit and vegetables we can only be responsible for these up until the time of delivery.  If you have issues with appearance or question the freshness, please return these to the driver on the spot.

    2. We pack potatoes and other vegetables in plastic bags however this is not necessarily the best way of storing them for extended periods. Potatoes are best kept in a paper bag in dark, cool place to prevent greening. If you lack a root cellar and need instructions on keeping different vegetables, please don't hesitate to ask.

    3. Where possible we source certified organic fruit and vegetable from natural sources. This does not include hothouse veg and means limited seasonal availability. Like our fresh seafood, we can only offer fresh veg as it is available. Organic vegetables by their nature will be imperfect. This means leaves are likely to have some insect damage, the shape of the plant may be irregular, may have spots or marks and they are unlikely to look like they've posed for the center spread in Playveg. This is all part of the pesticide free, fungicide free organic experience. If you'll looking to feast with your eyes instead of your stomach, hothouse, sprayed conventional vegetables are more for you.

    4. Frozen fruit and veg will defrost in a heartbeat. Like frozen bread these small pieces are not dense. It can literally defrost in the time it takes to lay out the goods on the counter and check them. We carry these to your door in cooler bags and make every effort to deliver them as frozen as possible. They need to be immediately transferred to the freezer. If you are not home and have requested to have frozen berries left in a box with ice packs, we cannot guarantee they will still be frozen solid hours later.  

    5. We sell fresh veg in a variety of ways. Some are sold by packs or bags, some are sold by piece and some are sold by weight. To complicate things some are sold by piece and weight. Like fresh fish we are selling these products before they arrive. We do not have the luxury of time when it comes to moving the vegetables quickly. This means we are selling them without seeing the size of each piece and we must estimate the size of a whole beet or a head of celery. Sometimes the difference week to week is huge so we ask your forgiveness if the size of a courgette this week is half the size of the one you received last week. Sometimes you will have to take more than ordered. If you order 200 gms of leek and the smallest is 400 gms you will have to take one leek. We won't be splitting it down the middle. It's not caviar and price difference for a couple hundred grams is unlikely to break the household food budget for the week. The difference will be a few dollars. If you are unhappy having to take more, you can inform us when you receive your invoice or when the product is being delivered. We will strike it from the invoice.

    6. Lastly - Fresh fruit and veg will not have 'best by' or 'use by' dates. How long it lasts is largely dependant on how well it is stored and quality is subject to personal tastes. We will not be entertaining claims of soft potatoes three weeks after they have been delivered. Please refer to Point '1' regarding inspection and acceptance at the time of delivery.