1_Meat Guide

1_Meat Guide
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    1_Meat Guide

    6 oz = 170 gm / 8 oz = 225 gm / 10 oz  = 285 gm / 12 oz = 340 gm

    When ordering your chilled meat please take note of the following points.

    Most of of our chilled meat can be portioned or cut to your liking. You can specify how you'd like it cut and packed during the second step of the checkout procedure. There you'll find a box where you can write 'in plain English' how you'd like it cut. You can specifiy by weight or thickness. ie. 2 x 200 gm steaks, 4 x 10 oz steaks or 3 x 2" steaks.  We will try to meet both weight and thickness criteria where possible. Sometimes this in not possible. A 1" thick US ribeye steak can weigh as much as 450 gms. We cannot therefore cut a 1" steak that weighs 200 gms. It's a little like getting into a taxi in Stanley and telling the driver you need to be in Central in 15 mintues and he's not to exceed 20 km/hr. In cases such as these we will use the thickness criteria and will ignore the ordered weight. This can impact the estimated cost of your order tremendously!

    Most of our chilled meat is sold by 100 gm units. This doesn't mean we cut this into 100 gm pieces. It's just like buying by the lb or kg. FYI:  1 lb = 454 gms. We sell a number of items in 500 gm packs. This is slightly more than 1 lb in weight.

    In certain cases you're buying products by the pack instead of 100 gm units. Sausages, whole tenderloins, shortribs, lamb racks etc are sold this way. The weight of some packs are fixed while others vary depending on the size of the tenderloin, lamb rack etc.

    Please specify if you want something left  in one piece for roasting. You may find it cut into steaks by default otherwise.

    Please note - there are some bone in items we cannot cut or portion. One piece of prime rib may weigh 1 kg but that is the weight of one rib. We can't cut this into 4 pieces. This will serve more than one person but you will have to carve it after cooking.  We don't cut bone in lamb legs or legs of ham.

    Bone in items are exceptionally difficult to vacuum pack and we can't guarantee the integrity of the bag at the time of delivery. Fish with spines or meat with bones easily pierce the bags. While the bags are a food grade blend of PE and Nylon they're not bullet proof or stab proof. If the bag is pierced we recommend eating the product ASAP or wrapping it in cling wrap and freezing the product to preserve quality.

     The size of different cuts varies by season, producer and the variety of animal it comes from. A 200 gm portion of US ribeye will be paper thin (and is almost impossible to cut). A 200 gm portion of Aussie grass fed ribeye may be 1" thick.