Alpina Pure Manuka Honey - 500gm - NZ*

Alpina Pure Manuka Honey - 500gm - NZ*
$209.00 per 500.00. grams
Item # 10011
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    Alpina Pure Manuka Honey - 500gm - NZ*

    Manuka Honey is collected from the Manuka tree that inhabits the mountainous regions of New Zealand.

    Manuka Honey contains a number of natural compounds which give it it's unique characteristics and flavour.

    This Manuka Honey in its natural state has a smooth, silky finish

    The 70+ indicator on the honey label indicates the evidence of at least 70% manuka pollen in the honey - meaning to say the bees are primarily gathering pollen from manuka bushes and not other types of flowers.This equates to a UMF factor 10+ honey.

    BEST BEFORE DATE: July 03, 2017