Clover Organic Whole Milk - 946 ml*

Clover Organic Whole Milk - 946 ml*
$62.00 per 946.00. grams
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    Clover Organic Whole Milk - 946 ml*

    Certified Organic Vitamin D Whole Milk from Clover Organics - 1 quart (946 ml).

    Product of USA (California)

    Clover Organic Farms sources its rBST and antibiotic-free milk and cream from a select group of small, organic family farms on the North Coast of California. Our milk and cream arrives at the plant the same day the cows are milked and it is fresh pasteurized* to ensure quality while preserving its fresh farm taste and nutritional value. In 2000, we became the first U.S. dairy processor to be awarded the American Humane Certified label for humanely produced dairy products by the American Humane Association. We invite you to enjoy Clover Organic Farms Milk and Cream products in a good conscience and good health!