NZ King Salmon Fillets

NZ King Salmon Fillets
$45.00 per 100.00. grams
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    NZ King Salmon Fillets

    Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

    King salmon has the highest natural oil content of all salmon - a rich source of healthy Omega-3. A 150g portion of King salmon provides the complete daily requirement of Omega-3, which is linked to protection against heart disease and certain cancers, alleviation of arthritic pain, and the boosting of the immune system. King salmon�s attractive orange/red colour, delicate texture and characteristic rich flavour, make it very appealing when served either raw, cooked or smoked. Also known by the names Chinook salmon or Spring Salmon. Responsibly farmed in the clean waters of New Zealand's South Island.

    New Zealand farmed salmon gets the Seafood Watch 'Best Choice' recommendation for responsibly and sustainably farmed fish.