'Getting Started'

Welcome to our South Stream shopping experience. If you're reading this we're guessing you're new to our website, new to online shopping or you just got lost while surfing the net. Hopefully you're not a past customer that's been away so long you forgot how the system works (if you are - shame on you. You've been missing out on all sorts of great food)

While we try to make to make online shopping as easy as possible, we're not selling a complete range of prepackaged foods. You will need to make decisions as to how much fish, meat or veg suits your family's needs and order accordingly. This may seem daunting as you're not standing in from of the supermarket meat counter picking up pieces that 'look about right' for your meal. We've listed some general recomendations for quanitities below however it only takes one or two orders for most people to feel right at home with the system.

Creating An Account

 The link to the South Stream Seafoods Storefront is: http://www.south-stream-seafoods.com/store/index.html

Every customer must create an account.  You create your own logon name and password.  May I suggest you use your phone number as a password.

You sign up for the first time by clicking on the Sign In button on the left side of the page. Follow the instructions for New Customers.

Fill in the rest of the information in the required fields. You will only have to do this once.

Login: Choose your own username. Keep it simple – something you can remember. It must be a minimum of 4 characters and can’t have any spaces in it. For example. Mary Lee will not work but marylee will.

 Password: Choose your own password. May I suggest you use your phone number.

Email Lost Password to: This is your e-mail address.


You will have to login to the store and select a delivery date each time you start shopping.




The store is not stocked with all products at all times.  It only has products available for sale for a particular time period prior to a specific delivery date. While you can shop and choose from baby foods, frozen items, chilled meat and other shelf stable items all the time, fresh seafood will only appear in the store a day or two before a specific delivery date.

 The fresh seafood is updated at the same time as our newsletter is e-mailed out.  For Friday deliveries we restock the store around noon on Wednesday. For Tuesday deliveries we restock around noon on Saturday.  As we don’t know what fresh fish we will have prior to these times we can’t update the store any earlier.

Tip: You can check you past order history by clicking on the yellow 'Your Account' tab at the top of the page.

Unless otherwise indicated you are ordering in 100 gm lots with 200 gms being the minimum amount for any given item.  The ordering area says Order Quanity __ pieces of 100 gms. This doesn’t mean we are cutting everything into 100 gm pieces. 100 gm is the unit of measure.

 Some prepacked items such as 250 gm packs of back bacon. 1 wedge of cheese, 500 gms of frozen scallops will be sold per pack.

Tip: Please use the following as a rough guide to portion sizes. Average size for an adult  main course.


·        Steak, Fish Fillets, Roast : 200 gm per person

( A roast for 6 people would be around 1200 gm to 1500 gm. Larger if 

you’d like a few leftovers or don’t want to get caught short by guests with voracious appetites)


·        Shellfish such as Mussels or Clams:       500 gm per person

(ie Linguini & Clams.  You would want 1000 gms for two people as a main

course. Half that for an appetizer portion)


·        Whole Fish:   500 gm per person

( Usually a 800 - 1000 gm fish will feed 2 adults)


If you were ordering 3  x 200 gm steaks you would mark ‘6’  in the quantity box. (600 gms)

 Note.  When you finish your order and ‘Checkout’ there is a box for packing instructions.  IE. Please cut steaks 1” thick or Please cut them 250 gm each.  Please pack four steaks to a bag. Please leave a box with ice as I will not be home to receive delivery. Etc, etc, etc.

You can check your basket at any time to see what you have already ordered.  Click on the yellow ‘Your Shopping Cart’ button at the top of the page. You can also adjust quantities if you change or mind, or delete items from here.


Navigating your way around the store


Some items may appear in one or more categories.  For instance, chilled Organic Sirloin Steak will appear under Chilled Meat / Organics & Beef categories.




You can complete your order and checkout at any time by clicking the yellow Checkout button at the top of the screen.  Likewise you can click on the checkout link on your running total box.

If you haven’t ordered the minimum $300 amount a message will indicate this.  You can’t complete the transaction until the $300 minimum has been satisfied.

 As mentioned earlier. There is a section during the checkout process where you can leave sizing instructions, packing instructions, billing instructions or delivery instructions.

 The total is NOT your invoice total. This is an estimate. After cutting the meat and fish we will bill you based on actual weights.

Make sure you follow the checkout procedure through all the steps. There is a continue button at the bottom of each page. Make sure you continue until you see and click on the 'PLACE ORDER' button. The last page will say: Your Order is Now Compete. It will also give you an order confirmation number.  If you have additions or changes to this order please quote the order confirmation number when you e-mail us.  A copy of this last page with the confirmation number will be e-mailed to you.


A few miscellaneous tips to make things easier for you and us

 Please take a few minutes and read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section and Delivery Information. You'll find almost all the answers to questions you're likely to ask here. (I know this as we're seldom asked questions for which the answer is not found in the FAQ section, Delivery Information section or in Guides found on the store).

Please take time to read the guides at the top of the main categories such as the Fresh Meat, Frozen Meat, Frozen Fish and Shellfish categories.  This tells you what we can and can’t (or won’t) do.  Certain items can’t be cut or portioned and requests to do so will be ignored. We do try to contact customers making requests we can't comply with for alternate instructions and as long as we receive timely replies will make alternate arrangements. Timely reply is the operative word here. Getting an answer after the orders have been packed and the staff have gone home or 3 hours after the trucks have already left doesn't help.

 As policy we don’t defrost frozen items and recut, reportion, repack and refreeze.  We try our best to match your orders to pieces we have already cut and packed but these pieces fall within certain size ranges and are subject to availability.

You may request chilled items such as filleted fish or meat to be cut and packed in 100 gm portions but you will be charged for this service. The only frozen items packed in 100 gm portions are a limited selection of baby items. Other frozen items cannot be ordered as 100 gm pieces.

We do not pack quantities of less than 100 gm.

'Use By' dates on products like fresh fish or poultry is going to be short. 3 days from the date of packing. Keep this in mind. Why you ask? Because it's not fresh after that point.

Use your back button to return to the list you're ordering for. Clicking on the category button itself will take you back to the top of the list.

Please keep your personal details up to date on the store. You can do this by clicking on the yellow Your Account button at the top of the page. If you change your address or email address you can update it here. Customers are required to keep this information up to date themselves. Even if you call and ask us to update our accounts database the information will be overwritten with your old information the next time you place your order.

You can check your previous order information by going to Your Account. Click on Order History.

If you know what you want and would like to order quickly you can go to the Product List at the top of the page.  It’s simply a list of products without photos, descriptions or any other information. You can input the quantity of the item you want and add it to your basket.

… And Finally

Whether you’re an old hand at internet shopping, an e-bay dabbler or a complete novice; the site will be as easy to navigate as we can make it. If my barely computer literate, 79 year old, err, 39 year old Mom can master it at the first go: So can you.

If you’re stuck, call us up and we’ll talk you through it. Ph: 2555 6200

You can practice placing orders and using the system anytime. The checkout process goes through 3 screens. A small box at the top right of the screen tells you where in the process you are. Once you click  ‘Continue’ below the boxes for special instructions - The order is finalized. The next page is your confirmation. You can quit at any time before the order is finalized