Home Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ...or ask Mr. Fishman
Q1. Dear Mr. Fishman. I hear you sell the best seafood & meat in Hong Kong and actually deliver it to my home. Is this true?
A1. Do fish drink water? ....er Yes. 

Just set up an account on the store and go shopping - it's easy and quick. If you need help just follow our 'Getting Started'  link.  

Q2. So if Sally sells seashells by the seashore is Sally's seafood fresher than yours?
A2. Our shellfish such as Mussels, Clams and Oysters are sold live so it doesn't get any fresher than that. Besides - Sally doesn't deliver up to The Peak.
Q3. Is there a minimum amount I have to order? What if I'm not home to accept delivery? 
A3. The minimum amount for free delivery is $500. (Effective Sept 1, 2011) .

If you can't be home to accept delivery or have your helper accept delivery we can leave the goods for you.  For us to do this however you must: 

1. Arrange with your building management to have the goods left with security. management or the concierge if you have one. 

2. If management will not accept this responsibility we can leave the goods outside your door in an insulated box with ice packs. As of September 2012 we're using custom made, heavy duty,  reusable coolers***. These will keep goods cool all day. This is done at your risk and is your responsibility. We must be able to gain access to your building so either the building must have someone that can open the door or we must be given a door code. Having us buzz all your neighbours and beg to be let in is not cool.

3. If you are not going to be home please inform us first so we can prepare your goods, the boxes and ice packs in advance. Please note some frozen items such as bread, pies, thin fillets of frozen fish and frozen berries will  likely soften if kept in these boxes for many hours. 

4. If you are not home to receive the goods please leave payment for us or make payment before the goods arrive.

***The South Stream coolers are left as a courtesy to facilitate delivery. These must be returned. If not returned a replacement charge of $200 will be levied. We ask that the cooler bags be returned with your next delivery. If you don't have space to store a bag, please request a stryofoam box be used instead. We'll recycle one of the boxes our goods arrive in. Only in special circumstances will we come back and pick up a cooler bag. Sending a truck and driver to pick up an empty bag is not a great use of our resources or particularly environmentally friendly.  

Q4. Can I order less than $500?
A4. We entertain orders of $300 or more however a nominal delivery fee will be charged. Usually $55, but it depends on where you live.
Q5. Can I pool orders with neighbors to avoid paying a delivery charge?
A5. Absolutely. We can bag the items separately for each party and as long as the combined order is $500 or more and delivered to one address there is no delivery fee.
Q6. Which areas do you deliver to?
A6. At the moment we deliver to:
The Peak,
Happy Valley
Mid Levels,
Tai Hang
Causeway Bay
Shouson Hill
Deepwater Bay
The South Side (Repulse Bay, Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, Tai Tam)
Please note - minimum delivery for Shek-O is $1,000. You may pool orders with friends but the total must exceed $1,000

Kowloon Tong
Yau Yat Tsuen
Clearwater Bay
Sai Kung (excluding the Country Park)
Hong Lok Yuen
Royal Palms
Fairview Park

Discovery Bay

Tung Chung

Ma Wan - A $40 surcharge is levied as we are charged this to enter Park Island. If more than one household has ordered for delivery the same day this charge is split between all.

Siu Lam / Gold Coast / Tuen Mun orders are accepted however delivery falls on Wednesday & Saturday mornings instead of Tuesday & Friday.

Q7. Do you deliver to South Lantau?
A7. We're not able to deliver to South Lantau as we don't have closed road permits for that area and are not eligible to apply for them. Some people make arrangements to pick up the goods from Tung Chung but the responsibility lies with the buyer. 
Q8. Can you tune my fish?
A8. We all know you can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.
Q9. Do you sell local fish? Are your fish wild?
A9. No. All our fish and meat is imported. We only import wholesome, safe seafood and meat from areas with sustainability programs in place and strict monitoring of health and regulatory issues. 

With the exception of half a dozen fish - All our fish are wild catch fish from some of the cleanest environments in the world. Any fish which are farmed - such as salmon, state this as part of the product description. 

Q10. Is your fish and meat fresh or has it previously been frozen and 'refreshed' for our convenience.
A10. Any fish or meat advertised as being fresh or chilled has never been previously frozen. We sell frozen fish and meat however it is sold as frozen and is clearly labeled and billed as such.
Q11.  Can I freeze your fresh fish or meat?
A11.  Yes. All filleted fish and cuts of meat are vacuum packed and labeled with 'Use By' dates. The vacuum packed bags can be placed in the freezer. If you don' t intend on cooking and consuming the fresh products before the 'Use By' date we suggest you freeze the product right away. The sooner the product is frozen the better it will be when it's thawed.
Q12.  How do I know what fresh fish you have available?
A12.  Our website is updated twice a week with a list of available fish. Usually this is done on Saturday and Wednesday. As soon as our suppliers tell us what fish is likely to be available we update the website and send e-mail alerts to all the customers on our contact list.
Q13.   How can I get put on the contact list?
A13. On the storefront there is a box just below the message stating the store is open or closed. Enter you e-mail address there and you'll be added automatically. Otherwise, send us an e-mail requesting inclusion on the list. 

Privacy policy:  We do not share our database with any other companies or third parties. Newsletters are only sent to people who request subscription. You may unsubscribe at any time by e-mailing us with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

Q14.  How do I place an order?
A13. As of August 2006, all orders are to be placed through our online ordering system. This can be accessed through our home page or accessed directly by clicking on the following link: http://www.south-stream-seafoods.com/store/index.html
Q15. I'm hopeless with computers. Until recently I thought a 'hard drive' was trying to negotiate my way through Causeway Bay traffic ....and  I'm embarrassed to tell how happy I was when my husband said he was getting rid of his 'floppy'. How am I supposed to place orders online?
A15. The online store is a simple and easy as we could make it. Find the picture of the product you want and enter the quantity needed. If you need help there is a 'Help' button on the storefront with some simple instructions and tips. 
Q16. I'm having a dinner party. Can I order in advance?
A16.Certainly. While we can't promise specific species will be available on a specific day we will try our best. One of the frustrations of working in this industry is that fishing is subject to bad weather, poor catches, quota's, transport problems and whales.
Q17. Did you say whales?
A17.Yes. We've actually had fishing boats returning with catches that were hit and damaged by whales. They're not all swimming around in aquariums entertaining children you know.
Q18. How do I pay for the delivery?
A18. At present we accept payment in cash, by bank transfer or by cheque made payable to: South Stream Seafoods Ltd. Credit card payments can be made through https://www.paypal.com. Our account is credited through our email address fish@south-stream-seafoods.com
Q.19 I'm paranoid when it comes to giving credit card information online - Is Paypal safe?
A.19 Paypal is the industry leader when it comes to secure electronic payments. It is owned by E-Bay and is the industry standard for making online payments using credit cards. It is secure, safe and easy!  If you're still not convinced make an online transfer to our HSBC or Hang Seng bank accounts. 
Q20. How come I don't pay when I place the order? Why do I have to wait for the invoice?
A20. We individually cut and pack your orders to your specifications. You get a choice of how you want your fish and meat cut and we do our best to pack it that way. You're not stuck buying half inch thick steaks when you want yours two inches thick. You don't have to super glue together one and a half 8 oz steaks if you want yours 12 oz. We cut from fresh products and there is some variance in weight. We only charge you for what you're getting. Beware other vendors that offer fixed price packs of fixed weight goods - only to turn around and say it may vary by 10% but generally you'll come out on top.  900 gms of tenderloin when you're paying for 1 kg is quite the deal. 
Q21. Other people claim their meat 'settles' during transit and loses weight along the way. Does your fish or meat 'settle'?
Q21. Corn Flakes 'settle'. Potato chips 'settle'. They may not fill the box or bag after being delivered but the still weigh the same amount.  I'll have to find out what process the other people use as I'd like my weight to 'settle' during transit. 
Q22. Can I set up an account?
A22. Home delivery customers can apply for a monthly credit account however a deposit of HK$1,500 must accompany the application. This is refundable at such time as you wish to terminate the account. Clients with accounts will receive a statement at the end of the month. Payment is due on receipt of the statement. 
Q23. I like my steaks cut 1" thick. Can you do this for me?
A23.We try our best to cut meat or fish to your specifications. Of course portioning fish and meat is an inexact science. We ask that you allow for some tolerance +/- the requested sizing. Packing and cutting  requirements can be listed in the box provided for these instructions during the checkout process online.
Q24. Can't you just trim off the excess and give me exactly what I ordered - or conversely add bits to make up the difference. If I ask for a kilo of beef - do I get exactly a kilo?
A24.I'm afraid trimming off 30-40 gms to match the ordered weight exactly just ends up as wastage. The result is ultimately higher prices for everyone. Adding a piece of fish the size of a disposable lighter to make up weight is also counterproductive as it just ends up as an odd sized bit. We invoice clients based on the exact weight of product packed. We try to stay within +/- 10% of the quantity ordered.
Q25 I have a baby and want things delivered in small quantities and packages. Is this possible?
A25 We have a few items specially chosen and packed for babies. These include fish from exceptionally clean water, fish that contain important omega 3 oils for brain and nervous system development and fillets which come from small sized fish. Larger fish tend to accumulate naturally occurring heavy metals, especially mercury in their fatty tissues as they are older and larger. We do not use these.

Other fish and meat are not  packed in baby size portions. 

If you are ordering fresh fish and meat you may request packs as small as 100 gm portions however you will be charged for this service.  The same applies to any fish or meat you are requesting to have packed in individual portions. Considerable time and resources are needed when packing such small quantities. $2.5 per bag will be charged.  

Q26 I understand you will portion my fresh fish and meat. What about frozen products I'd like to buy?
A26 We try to have a range of sizes available so we can meet the demands of different size households and different sized appetites.  Normally filleted fish are packed in packages ranging from 200 to 600 gms. In the cases of larger fish such as salmon we may have whole sides available.  We try our best to match the pack size to your order however sizes and stock are limited.  As policy we do not defrost, recut, repack and refreeze frozen goods in order to meet specific requests.  We do not pack 100 gm portions of anything other than selected baby products.  Certain items such as whole fish or packs of mince are sold as packs. They can't be cut in half (as is sometimes requested).
Q27. Surely you can't have unlimited amounts of fresh fish. What happens if everyone orders the same fish?
A27.We work on a first come, first serve policy. Anyone that has pre-ordered fish gets their order filled first. The orders are then filled in the order they're received. When a certain species of fish has sold out, our clients are offered other fresh alternatives or the opportunity of taking the same fish in frozen form (if available)
Q28. Can you offer me any advice when it comes to ordering?
A28.Yes - ORDER AS SOON AS THE STORE IS UPDATED. Fresh fish and other highly perishable items are uploaded twice a week. This is done on Wednesday and Saturday mornings around 11 AM
Q29. Do you have a cut-off time for orders?
A29. As most items are cut and packed to customer specifications we need time to do this.  The cutoff time for most orders is noon the day before your selected delivery date. 
Q30. Do you get courier companies to deliver for you?
A30.No. Fish and shellfish is extremely perishable. The cool chain must be maintained at all times and we don't entrust this responsibility to any third party. We deliver in refrigerated trucks - In locations where our large trucks are unable deliver we use smaller vans with cool boxes for chilled product and freezers for frozen goods.  We use our own trucks, drivers and contracted staff to deliver.
Q31. What the heck is this 'Near Organic' Beef you're selling?
It's  naturally raised but not 'certified' organic. No growth hormones are used. No antibiotics. The cattle are left to graze in natural pasture although during winter months their feed is supplemented with hay and vegetable products such as turnips.
Most farms have applied for certification however it takes five years of monitoring the land before certification is granted. Much of the beef comes from these farms.  
In other cases farmers have not applied for certification, yet raise their cattle organically. They haven't applied due to cost implications as the initial cost of getting certified and the ongoing cost of having their product certified is considered ridiculous. In many ways the 'certification' is an industry in itself with costs and charges being created to justify the certifying bodies own existence. We have brokers that work out of an office in their own house and have to pay for organic certification even though they don't touch a cow. The guy that drives the cow from the pasture to the processing plant has to be certified (and I believe his truck has to be certified too). The plant has to be certified. etc, etc. Everyone of these people has to pay annual fees to be certified and all of these costs are added to the cost of the end product.
The whole process is believed by many to be a 'hippy yuppie' scam. That's hippies scamming yuppies out of their fat corporate salaries.
Q32. Humour isn't something we associate with the fish biz but I heard you slip a sardine into each shoe every morning and feel funny all day?
A32.The answer to that is no. It only smells like I filled my shoes with fish.
Q33.How come I can see fresh fish in the shop when I'm browsing but after I login - it's gone?
A33.Some chilled and perishable items are only available for delivery on certain days If you choose a delivery day outside of those specified dates, you will not be able to purchase the fish as fresh.  We presell our fresh and live seafood before it arrives in Hong Kong.  As soon as we know (or think) it's on the way to the airport we update the store and send out an email to all on our mailing list. This lets people know fresh seafood is in stock. Once we pick up our shipment from the airport we  pack the orders for delivery to you the following day.  If, for instance, you had selected a delivery day three days after the fish arrived it would no longer be fresh or good to eat.  
Q34. How long can we keep our fresh fish and meat?
A.34 We always prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to Use By or Best By dates.

Fresh fish and fresh Poultry will have 3 days from the date of packaging.

Fresh Beef and Lamb will have a 7 day Use By date from the date of packing

If you don't intend to eat the product with the Best By or Use By date we suggest you freeze it. The sooner it's frozen the better the quality will be when defrosted. 

For frozen product, expiry date is extended and sticker is printed with the Best By date which is different from the date that we sell in Fresh. 

Q35. How do we know our fish and meat are safe?
A.35 All joking aside, we take great care in the storage, handling, packaging and transport of all the food we sell.

We ensure our goods are wholesome and come from cleanest sources possible. We value nothing more than our reputation and our reputation rests with every piece of product that goes out the door.

Our fish and meat are imported from licensed exporters and are shipped with the requisite health certificates from those countries. Our fish and meat are packed in our FEHD Licensed Food Factory. License # 2994800314

Our Hygiene Managers are Jacqueline Kwan & Elaine So.