About Us

South Stream Seafoods has been operating in Hong Kong since 1990. Established to meet the growing demand for quality imported seafood, South Stream has provided price competitive alternatives to dubious and in some cases, dangerous, local fish and shellfish.

After 14 years of serving Hong Kong's top hotels, restaurants and airline caterers, South Stream started offering the same great seafood treats for home delivery. In addition to this, a range of other natural, organic and eco-friendly products are also available. We've now proudly been serving Hong Kong for 25 years.

South Stream Seafoods operates in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. We attempt to minimize the use of consumable packing materials and eschew decorative, non functional packaging, styrofoam backings trays or unnecessary use of paper and cardboard. This may lead to less visually appealing product presentation but the benefits of saving the environment far outweigh this. Our priority is providing the freshest, most wholesome food for you and your family with the least wastage along the way. We attempt to recycle and reuse all packing materials used in the transport of our products from the country of origin to Hong Kong.

South Stream Seafoods purchase products and support producers and governments that use sustainable resource management programs. The rape and pillage of the oceans resources are unacceptable practices. This can only be be stopped by refusing to buy from traders, fishing companies or sources that follow these practices.

Our fish and meat are packed in our FEHD Licensed Food Factory.

License # 2994800314.

Our Food Factory is located at 204, Lai Sun Yuen Long Centre, 27 Wang Yip Street East, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong

Food Factory Licence

South Stream prides itself on unsurpassed customer service and product quality. We believe customers should be able to order their meat, fish and veg in any way they want it. To this end we offer a variety of cutting and packaging services.

Should you have any questions on product availability or if we can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact Jacqueline Kwan.